Section 9

---> Always Coming Home

There, and back again! And may it ever be so.

This old gal Earth has been around, as they say. She knows a thing or two. We - we're just picking up baby steps, trying not to fall down or soil the bed and embarrass ourselves. There's a lot to get acquainted with in this life. A lot to be and do, if we so choose; far more than any one of us could manage alone.

It's wonderful to explore, to find the others and hear their stories too. All that helps to orient and place ourselves in a special part of the whole wide web of it all, a familiar place of our own yet hardly out of touch with the rest. Deeply in relationship with large and small, near and far.

Over the river and through the woods we find ourselves in right placement with respect to the forces and features of this environment and stage called life. Maybe we create that place, maybe we discover it, or we are somehow lead there; maybe we recollect or realize it's right here, right now.

The art of humane placemaking is as much a revelation and recalibration as any active construction zone. Along this journey, we are making our way home. Yes that's curiously recursive. Earth has art in its core. No stretch to imagine so do we.

Find your way into the wilds sometimes and see who you become there without artifice, what it takes to get by. Part of us wishes to dissolve in pure consciousness, part seeks to erupt in a bright unbridaled ecstasy. Part knows that it had better not stray far or late from the garden and its chores.

Peace, love, happiness, a state of conviviality, all sound like great ideals in right time and place. Worth a visit, at least?

In this belated new age, we've achieved immense cultural maturation since the last great wave of counter-cultural idealism, without losing the flair for fun and pursuit of Further. It's an end of innocence, a price of admission for the possibilities that were grasped then. A spiritual apprenticeship?

The divine exists as a meshwork of proportional patterns--

Earth—our physical Earth and its inhabitants—sand, water, rocks, birds, animals, and trees—this is the garden in which we live. We must choose to be gardeners. We must choose to make the garden beautiful. Understanding this will give us intellectual insight into the nature of God, and also give us faith in God as something immense yet also as something modest, something which lies under the surface of all matter, and which comes to life and shines forth when we treat the garden properly.
--Christopher Alexander

Some of the greatest minds, poetic hearts, and crystalline 3rd eyes made their mark, much of it readily available, one of the many great files in the collective memory banks we can draw on today, if we can make the link, name the connecting pattern.

We've used the metaphor of a journey to some effect over the course here, and touched on another: the game. Not the kind that's played to win, but a game of co-creation, a regenerative game that's played for the sake of beautiful art, continuity, personal truth, and essential goodness. A massively multiplayer evolutionary live action role playing game. A game that is played through us, not by us:

You don't belong to you. You belong to Universe.

...says one savvy soul. Live life for the duration, and continuance thereof. It kinda takes the load off of trying to be so damn dignified, diligent and dog-gone important all by your lonesome!

Enjoy. Make change, write a love song or story. It's your turn. Share, learn, do, BEe.

How's that sound?

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