Section One

---> What's it all about, really



Feel that? It's an ancient yogi magic trick! It's also pretty much what this gig is about.

Get it? Reload that subtitle: making our way home

Yep. Just vibe on that for one sec.

There's something about vibration, resonance, that's gonna have a lot to do with this...can't quite put a finger on it yet. Hold the thought, if you will.

Let's start with another idea, close to home:

system (n.) "the whole creation, the universe," from Latin systema "an arrangement, system," from Greek systema "organized whole, a whole compounded of parts," from stem of synistanai "to place together, organize, form in order," from syn- "together" + root of histanai "cause to stand" from root stā- "to stand;" meaning "animal body as an organized whole, sum of the vital processes in an organism"

Micro<-->macro much? Circuits, flows, tension, connection, and the space between where some see Meaning and/or magic. It's all about right relationship. Reconfigure the web of relations and the whole shebang shifts. Think chemistry, or zoology, or cybernetics if you're a real control freak.

Full-fledged phase change in the eco-social order requires a state change at the individual level too. Not just the way we think and speak, or even the things we do, but all the way to the essential quality of our being and presence in relation to the whole.

The process at hand is not an engineering challenge, nor is it merely an emotional or spiritual awakening, or just a bunch of hard work. It's all this AND more. We're talking about crafting a movement towards a regenerative / quasi-permanent planetary culture. This changes everything, nose to toes.

To transition an entire system, be it an individual human worldview or a global cultural paradigm, we need to operate holistically and harmoniously. No piecemeal, partial, incremental solutions, no neat discreet sequential steps. It's time to go all in and make art, with love.

Easier done than said? C'mon who's going to buy that. Who is even listening...get ahold of ourself!! Let's pick up the pieces and begin.

Handle With Care

Humbly, gently, make contact with a center of power. What's its name? Do you like it? Does it serve you? Will it play nice with others?

The Transition Towns network touts a simple, mnemonic enjoinder about working with (and from) the head, the hands, and the heart in concert to effect lasting change. Not in sequence nor necessarily all at once, rather enabling and ennobling the versatile capacities of each at all times, as best we can - interweaving and complementing their relative emphasis in an agile and authentic manner.

There are other more or less subtle 'centers' of the human organism to connect and check in with as well, it's worth acknowledging these too, coming to (and from) wholeness. In fact, one stands out for a mention here as influential or perhaps more so than those first three, a potent driver and occasional saboteur of so much in our lives: erotic energy and interactions thereof. Let's give it a worthy, alliterative, onomatopoietic handle and add it to the stack: hoohah!

Risky? It's real; let's work (and play) with it, seriously. Serious! Play.

So, we want to activate as enlivened and uplifting individuals in order to engage and interact for better systemic outcomes. But what constitutes relationship, between two components of a system, or two humans in a mutual bond? Dynamic exchange. Currency. Responsiveness. The ability to process and provide value, to recognize and reciprocate.

We're able to communicate, thanks to this here old English. Info is the easy part. Knowledge? Relationship? Cooperation? To be determined whether that we'll make it that far....

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Are you looking for answers, someone to tell you what to think or how to act? How are you processing this line of inquiry so far? Receptive, critical, constructive, confident, confused, sidetracked, sentimental?

What do we presume to know: a) challenge b) opportunity c) complexity d) synergy e) emergence

Comprehensive anticipatory design for a world that works. Simple. Right?

All Aware

No doubt when everyone's pulling in the same direction we can move (or sequester, as the case may be) megatons. Usually that kind of initiative requires a level of authority, backed by persuasive force or other leverage over or against individual free will and agency. Unless there's, say, a clear emergency demanding concerted response, or an obvious and unequivocal rationale for timely action to everyone's benefit.

There's another possibility that's developing on the margins of social/org theory for quite some time: the prospect of large scale voluntary coordination by means of appropriate tools and processes for collective intelligence and collaborative action. Something more than viral information sharing or vocal movement-making. Social synergy as an emergent behavior of large populations, given adequate connectivity and effective knowledge integration. Chaordination. Scenius. Stigmergy. Lots of funky neologisms to throw around. What are their common features and distinctions?

Building on broad awareness through shared understanding to coherent activity, this collective intelligence behavior has a few prerequisites: a) functional communication network b) coincident purposes c) cultural awareness d) effective memory e) sense-making protocol f) accounting systems

It may be a bit more complex than that, in fact. Have a look below for the map view:

What's it mean for inhabitants? Perhaps some of this newer social technology can unlock exciting potentials for us. Okay, that's an understatement. We may be eyeballs deep in its miraculous powers rather swiftly.

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Ergo, Action!

If we develop individual and collective capacities, build shared awareness, and have the means of moving toward shared understanding, the next step is coordinated action. Not orchestrated from a central control room, this is something else. The goal is not prescriptive behavior change, but a nuanced and localized response that, together, adds up to the desired ultimate outcomes. This certainly means much variability, including experimentation and innovation.

We want to create conditions for self-organization, with lots of positive feedback and rapid propagation of what's working. If we can begin to pin down and refer to some of the same general concepts and relationships as a nascent body of shared knowledge, we can begin to coordinate for concerted action. The map of ideas is not the same as the territory of implementation, but it can guide us there swiftly, in sync, confident, and prepared.

In the face of diverse, distributed, loosely coordinated mobilization, maintaining coherence is key. This is ongoing. Pull dynamics. Tell stories. Reach people - invite, and receive.

Discover affinities and polarities. How things want to morph and move. Simple metaphysics.

Keep an eye on the goal(s) - systemic change. Finesse it. Systems have accupressure points too.

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This here epic draft narrative says we might like to take a swing at scaling from the organism to the Superorganism - the intelligent ecosystem, the metamovement. Unleash a certain evolutionary capacity: the power to transcend paradigms. Fork the status quo! Alternative (and regenerative) economics, culture, technology; a critical mass of connected regional nodes to establish new shared realities. Make the old norms obsolete, and more than a little jealous.

Bravo!! But let's not get ahead of our highly localized selves. Resounding impact at that level means really getting (and staying) in synch across big gaps and differentiators. It means active and ongoing reconciliation. It means self-awareness at all scales.

Start to unpack the layers of identity. At the center is I (also universal oneness, if you dig). Next we have immediate kin: close friends, family, partners and the like. A little beyond that come circles of regular associates and contacts, in "work" and "play" spaces - call this the organizational or organismic level. Surrounding this is community; possibly several of them. The sphere of consistent and codependent contacts, if not all close confidants. Further out is a potentially more ambiguous sphere of Tribe or Association - affinity groups spanning multiple communities and clusters. A step further and more inclusive, we can describe an Ecosystem of interrelated, interacting participant spheres with perhaps competing or cooperative interests. Finally, there is the network level that embraces everything that connects and communicates with one another.

Back to oneness (or singularity, if you don't).

If you feel like taking a leap of faith, head straight for the climactic bit at the end that lands this all better. If you're worried about premature extrapolation, read onward.

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Ok, this last section has been a bit of a jumble. It needs work. Please help make sense. It leads down some interesting rabbit holes, worth exploring further. Let's get these thoughts out on the table, load them into the background as we get ready to launch our applications. Now on to the heart of the matter.

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