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What follows is an open source programming guide for the development and propagation of regenerative human habitats.

Despite appearances, it's non-linear like much of the rest of life. Jump around, find your own ground and frames of reference.

You're looking at Version 1, or v0.1 really. Lots to expand and improve on. Many directions to branch out, explore, refine, in time, with help. The creative transformation of lifestyle and living circumstance in line with a future where all life may thrive is, needless to say, a substantial and ongoing process with tremendous unpredictability.

Consider this a scaffold, a framework to build on (and with). It's a participatory modeling environment and distributed support system for massively parallel system change applications.

This living document represents a synthesis of observation, inference, intuition clustering around a set of related themes, as compiled in my awareness to date. It is intended for use as a reference, guide, and inspiration, but it is far from comprehensive, and wide open to supplementation or modification.

The Atlas has been steadily compiling itself for a long time, in many forms and facets. It's taken me a while to prepare, to find the time place and circumstance to distill something of regenerative value on this subject - which will grow over time. I believe this will fulfill that aim. But that's up to you. To all of us. How best to contribute? What does another batch of thoughtful words really offer anyone at this time? Well, I hope that by helping peers to make sense of a highly complex and rapidly shifting landscape, we're all empowered to choose and use effective patterning in creative works of all kinds to gain headway.

The idea of an atlas is to present a structured collection of maps, information, knowledge of a universal but particular nature. It is not a treatise, a manifesto, a how-to manual, or encyclopedia. It's a toolkit for advancing the creation of vibrant ecosystems that have humans in the roles of both benefactor and beneficiary. I invite you to enter and engage, to refine or reinterpret.

Why this, now? Because it feels like a unique gift, it's something I can do which seems both new and necessary today. This is how I want to live. These are the maps of the world I want to inhabit; and the one I want to share with others - to bestow unto our future.

The ideas and approaches outlined within are of a singular time and place (and a certain frame of mind or worldview) yet they are rendered in a way that links with the universal, as best I'm able. That balance will shift, as more voices, visions, and vigor are woven throughout.

We are well behind the curve of adoption or adaptation that's needed to avert massive global destabilization given current trends, technologies, populations, economics, and governance. The call for transformative change is rising, as is a push toward innovative collaborative means and measures in reply. Simultaneously, we are granted via an increasingly pervasive internet the cumulative wisdom of millions of cultural experiments past, present, and futuristic.

I am so grateful for the many experiences and opportunities in my adult life that have opened my eyes to alternatives; extraordinary ways of being that should not be so far out of reach for most people who recognize the desire to live happily, harmoniously, in integrity, with full creative freedom while maintaining strong connection and affinity for peers, family, place, and kin - to feel at home in the world far more often than not. This is my aim and hope, with its own narrow self-interest as well as an expansive desire to serve others with a helping of some of what I've been given.

I start writing and weaving now from the green heart of the world; a warm and colorful hut on a mountain overlooking the Pacific in the jungle of Central America, singing with life.

Where will it reach you? Where will it take you? Take us all? Onward. It's time!

La Choza Del Mundo, Alto Concepcion, Costa Rica; Nov.13, 2016

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