---> How we made it here


Below is a short list of citations for crucial support and collaboration to make this initial version of the document possible (many un-listed contributions have fed in various ways too):

Following partial list of additional notable sources and inspiration along the way:

  • Emerging Leader Labs
  • Real Economy Lab
  • Transition Network
  • Coalition of the Willing
  • Reinhabiting the Village
  • P2P Foundation
  • Metacurrency
  • Wiser Earth
  • New Alchemy Institute
  • Builders of the Dawn
  • Twelve Tribes
  • Shaker Society
  • Sarvodaya
  • Land4Good
  • Eden Project
  • n55 LAND manual
  • CREST 13
  • Gaiacraft
  • Tribewanted
  • Global Villages
  • Go Beyond Boundaries
  • PermaCorps International
  • New Earth Army / FEB


This work is published under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. Appropriate methods of citation and attribution for extracts, reproduction, and derivative works are as follows:

Identify source material (name, location, version) Include legacy credits and licensing info Lend appropriate context & reference

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